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Leaving behind the “Scroll of Death” –A Moodle Evolution

Our school is going through a major reform of not only teaching styles and pedagogy but learning space, both physical and virtual.

My main roll in this transformation is guiding and reforming our online class spaces which run on a Moodle infrastructure. In the last two years we have evolved our use of Moodle from long list of links and resources (eventuating in something most teachers affectionately referred to as “the scroll of death”) into far more engaging and interactive authentic tasks online.

“The Scroll of Death”


Creating these long lists of resources meant that teachers no longer needed to hand out as many notes, but it really didn’t engage students online and quite often lead to confusion because there was so much written content to navigate through. Often a single logical task would be separated into a webpage which give information, a file which needed to be downloaded and then possible (if lucky) an activity which the students could complete. This meant that for every one task online students would have several links online to click through.

What We Changed

Having looked at this dilemma we decided firstly to start using the Moodle resource “Compose a Webpage” far more extensively. Teachers were trained how to rather embed their information/instructions and (importantly) links, images & documents INTO the webpage. This meant that a single webpage click could replace several links on the front of the course page. See the below video on the basics of this.

Once we had more engaging and rich web pages on our courses, we started to copy these pages INTO the description part of the Moodle activities. This meant that in one link we could, for example, get students to view a video, visit a couple of websites and then download a worksheet which they completed and finally could upload. All this within ONE link!


Watch the basic below video on how to copy a webpage resource INTO an activity in Moodle.

Where We Are Heading

What we found was that once we had these web pages and web activities in our Moodle courses it was easy to start using images on the front page to link to these resources. Instead of having a boring list of links we stated to play around with the simple concept of using images to link to these resources and putting the resources either at the bottom of the course or in a “hidden section”. What this has started producing are site pages which look nothing link Moodle course pages but more like normal engaging sites for students to explore. The bonus is that these new courses were as dynamic and easy to update as old courses because it is all based on Moodle activities and web pages. Teachers are able to modify tasks themselves and now we can use enhancers to “bling up” the front look.

Below are two examples of this; one is a Christian Studies site created by a college who works at our school.. the other is a term based course with a variety of Blooms Taxonomy style activities.



This is creating far more interactive and tantalising online environments for our students to work in. To see and hear more about what we are doing visit http://scil.com.au/

Moodle Moot Australia – Reflections

Having gone to the Australian Moodle Moot two weeks ago, I found there two be two main interesting concepts that I brought back to my school (NBCS).

Moodle Is Exploding!

Moodle is fast growing to be a real contender for other commercial LMS platforms such as Blackboard. Looking at some of the graphs one the moodle.org website it is clear that this growth is just the start.


Moodle Doesn’t Have a Pedagogy

One of the most interesting comments that I heard was from Julian Ridden, a prominent Moodler:  “Moodle doesn’t have pedagogy”. He went on to explain that the LMS itself does not have any inherit pedagogy but it is the user/developer of the courses who create the pedagogy. Another comment he made was ..“PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, QUIZ, QUIZ, QUIZ wouldn’t cut it in the classroom, so why do some people think it’s okay online?”

This got me thinking, how do we change the way we teach online? How do we move from resource repositories, to active, engaging and authentic tasks?

As an ICT integrator and teacher at our school how do effect this change?? Food for thought..

Grant Harbor

Interactive and Grade-able Forums with Embedded Video.. (Moodle)

Forum Picture
Video Embedded Forum with Ratings

I’m pumped!

I’ve been frustrated with boring and “static” forum discussion in my moodle course and now I have found a cooler way to get good class discussion going.

In my moodle course I use a “Single simple discussion” and this makes any text I enter in the setup the first and only discussion topic for that forum. Secondly I have found that with the latest upgrade to moodle 1.9 when you copy and paste a YouTube URL the video is embedded into the post. Finally I select the “Maximum rating” option so that I can grade my students forum responses!

This means that the students can watch the video and respond at the same time (no browsing back and forward), they get to see other students answers and can also see other students ratings for their posts.

Much better and I’ve seen the difference!

Copy my Moodle Glossary Creator…


Hey you moodlers out there, I have created a simple method to create extensive glossaries for your moodle course pages from basic text documents.

Given a text file which has the term followed by the definition followed by the next term and definition my simple program converts this into the required XML needed as an import to a moodle glossary.

So get creating! I’ve used glossaries to link syllabus outcomes within the course to a list of outcomes at the top of the course page and all kinds of stuff..

If you are interested in this conversion program:

Try downloading it from my Google Docs account at: https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B98WZB2Fr-47YzFmMjgzNTctMzVmYS00MGVhLWIxMmQtNDI0YzJjNTY4ZWEy&hl=en

If this does not work you will have to ask me by commenting on this post and I’ll email you the zip file. (WordPress doesn’t like zip files or exe’s for that matter).

Introduce Programming – Play a Game!!


Hey all you tech savvy teachers out there,

I found this cool flash game (Light Bot – http://armorgames.com/play/2205/light-bot) which is excellent for introducing  the concept of programming as well as the use of functions and modules!

The students LOVE it and it’s really teaching them programming!

I’ve embedded that flash into my course page as seen above..

Check it out!

Moodle forum post sending RSS feeds to iGoogle!! Yes!!

Moodle forum post sending RSS feeds to iGoogle!! Yes!!

Moodle Forum RSS Feeds in iGoogle
Moodle Forum RSS Feeds in iGoogle

I’m pumped! I just got my classes Moodle Help Forum sending RSS feeds to my iGoogle page! Cool.. I can now keep track of when my students make posings in the help forum whenever I’m online!

All you need to do is enable RSS feeds in the forum and then copy the RSS URL into the iGoogle RSS gadget.


Try is out and keep closer contact with your Moodle forums..