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Interactive and Grade-able Forums with Embedded Video.. (Moodle)

Forum Picture
Video Embedded Forum with Ratings

I’m pumped!

I’ve been frustrated with boring and “static” forum discussion in my moodle course and now I have found a cooler way to get good class discussion going.

In my moodle course I use a “Single simple discussion” and this makes any text I enter in the setup the first and only discussion topic for that forum. Secondly I have found that with the latest upgrade to moodle 1.9 when you copy and paste a YouTube URL the video is embedded into the post. Finally I select the “Maximum rating” option so that I can grade my students forum responses!

This means that the students can watch the video and respond at the same time (no browsing back and forward), they get to see other students answers and can also see other students ratings for their posts.

Much better and I’ve seen the difference!

Introduce Programming – Play a Game!!


Hey all you tech savvy teachers out there,

I found this cool flash game (Light Bot – http://armorgames.com/play/2205/light-bot) which is excellent for introducingΒ  the concept of programming as well as the use of functions and modules!

The students LOVE it and it’s really teaching them programming!

I’ve embedded that flash into my course page as seen above..

Check it out!