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Copy my Moodle Glossary Creator…


Hey you moodlers out there, I have created a simple method to create extensive glossaries for your moodle course pages from basic text documents.

Given a text file which has the term followed by the definition followed by the next term and definition my simple program converts this into the required XML needed as an import to a moodle glossary.

So get creating! I’ve used glossaries to link syllabus outcomes within the course to a list of outcomes at the top of the course page and all kinds of stuff..

If you are interested in this conversion program:

Try downloading it from my Google Docs account at: https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B98WZB2Fr-47YzFmMjgzNTctMzVmYS00MGVhLWIxMmQtNDI0YzJjNTY4ZWEy&hl=en

If this does not work you will have to ask me by commenting on this post and I’ll email you the zip file. (WordPress doesn’t like zip files or exe’s for that matter).