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Embedding Twitter Feeds Into Your Website… Feed Source

Mission Cambodia
Mission Cambodia

Hey everyone,

I’ve finally learnt how to get my twitter feeds into my web page and it was simple!

Using an online application called Feed2JS which quickly created some HTML code that I could copy and paste into my website. This means that I can embed the Mission Cambodia Twitter Feed into my web page for Mission Cambodia! This means that as things are happening on the ground we can twitter about it and the website will automatically be updated without any need for a CMS or other compicated PHP!

How cool is that…

Moodle forum post sending RSS feeds to iGoogle!! Yes!!

Moodle forum post sending RSS feeds to iGoogle!! Yes!!

Moodle Forum RSS Feeds in iGoogle
Moodle Forum RSS Feeds in iGoogle

I’m pumped! I just got my classes Moodle Help Forum sending RSS feeds to my iGoogle page! Cool.. I can now keep track of when my students make posings in the help forum whenever I’m online!

All you need to do is enable RSS feeds in the forum and then copy the RSS URL into the iGoogle RSS gadget.


Try is out and keep closer contact with your Moodle forums..