Copy my Moodle Glossary Creator…


Hey you moodlers out there, I have created a simple method to create extensive glossaries for your moodle course pages from basic text documents.

Given a text file which has the term followed by the definition followed by the next term and definition my simple program converts this into the required XML needed as an import to a moodle glossary.

So get creating! I’ve used glossaries to link syllabus outcomes within the course to a list of outcomes at the top of the course page and all kinds of stuff..

If you are interested in this conversion program:

Try downloading it from my Google Docs account at:

If this does not work you will have to ask me by commenting on this post and I’ll email you the zip file. (WordPress doesn’t like zip files or exe’s for that matter).


35 thoughts on “Copy my Moodle Glossary Creator…

  1. hey nice one harbor – nice looking blog. looks like moodle’s only moving onwards and upwards – hope to learn a few neat tricks when i’m back. now you’ve got a dot from a visitor in cambodia…! hope all is going well at school, look forward to catching up soon. -tim

  2. Glossaries are quite central to my language teaching moodle. This looks like it could save me enough time for a weekend break, so would you send me the zip. Thanks. J

  3. Looks so handy and woulod save on so much time! Would really apprecaie it if you could please send it to me. Thanks so much!

  4. This is great. Please forward a link to me where I can download. Sorry, our servers do not allow exe’s or zips to be mailed. You can also send via YouSendIt (


  5. Grant, very interested in the glossary thingamee that you talked about during our Mahara workshop…

    Great stuff


  6. Wow, would I love to try your Moodle Glossary creator if you still offer it! I’ve been looking for just that very thing for some time now!

  7. Grant, I trust you still have this tool available. I’ve just started using glossaries and your tool could be a great asset.
    Thank for your assistance.

      1. Hello Gharbor

        Could I also have this tool? This is exactly what I am looking for.

        Thanks in advance.

      2. Thanks, Gharbor, but haven’t received anything so far. Could you please try again? Thanks a lot.

      3. No, neither in my Spam nor Jung folder. Could you please try: admin at ?


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